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Users LOVE WeSuite Academy. It’s free and available to all Users. Self-paced learning perfect for refreshing User skills, deeper learning and onboarding new team members. Enroll by creating your User login and start taking classes. Our instructors lead the way with short videos and exercises. Watch, try it yourself and enhance your WeSuite skills as you complete each of the product learning tracks for WeOpportunity, WeEstimate and QuoteAnywhere G2.0.

Stick with us, you’ll be a pro in no time!

Sales User Academy

Dive into the WeSuite software basics! Perfect for new Users or those who may need a quick refresher.

System Administrator Academy

Learn WeSuite system configuration basics and advanced options! Perfect for new and seasoned System Administrators.

CHECK IT OUT! New Classes Posted November 2019!

System Administrator Academy:

New Course: Program Options
Video: Create a Custom Data List or Custom Date in WeEstimate

Sales User Academy:

New Course: eSignature
Video: How to Send an Invitation for eSignature with DocuSign
Video: How to Send an Invitation for eSignature with eOriginal

Updated Lecture: Templates II (Advanced): Inserting Images, Tables, etc
Listed under Course: WeEstimate User Training: Documents Advanced

Updated Course: Reporting
Video: Understanding the WeEstimate URG
Video: Create and Customize the URG Reporting View
Video: Sorting and Filtering the WeEstimate URG
Video: URG Field Definition Guide

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