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Enhanced quoting functionality for a customized solution tailored to your sales process.
Site Survey

NEW! WeEstimate Add-on

Allows users to create site surveys from an iPad, tablet or laptop. Site Survey takes full advantage of the Folder Levels available in WeEstimate and includes real-time parts and package search on the WeSuite database, PSA Security or integrated accounting platforms. Create simple to complex system surveys. As parts and devices are added to the Survey canvas, the bill of materials for an Estimate builds in the background. Add notes at plan, part or survey levels. Work as you like; in the field or at the desktop.

QuoteAnywhere G2.0

WeEstimate Add-on

Mobile quote to sale software is here! Easily create estimates and generate proposals and contracts collaboratively with prospects from an iPad, tablet or laptop. Integrated with Docusign or eOriginal electronic signing services. Supports custom and package style sales, inclusion of labor, chargeable items and recurring services. Add the WeSuite Site Survey Module to automatically build quotes from device location plans!

Recurring Monthly Revenue

Free with WeEstimate Subscription

Our RMR module simplifies the ability to quote recurring services, like system monitoring, maintenance and warranty agreements, from within your WeEstimate or QuoteAnywhere interface. Drag RMR items from a pre-populated database within our software and drop them into project folders, just like you would for materials and labor. WeEstimate or QuoteAnywhere handle all price calculations automatically. Pricing can be based on flat rates, a calculated percentage of the job, or other formulas available from within the module, with flexible billing terms (i.e. monthly, quarterly or annually). By eliminating the common hassle of quoting RMR services, this popular module encourages the inclusion of these lucrative services whenever possible.

Chargeable Items

Free with WeEstimate Subscription

Travel costs, equipment rentals, permits, subcontractor fees…how many times has your sales team forgotten to include expenses like these in a quote, putting a big dent in your gross profit? WeSuite’s Chargeable Items module puts an end to this problem by including these project-based chargeable items as their own special category within the WeEstimate and QuoteAnywhere interface – making sure they’re not overlooked and are quoted accurately. Prepopulate your system with prices for known items, such as city-required permits or subcontractor project fees, or allow your sales team to enter pricing on the fly via controllable permissions. The Chargeable Items module serves as a visual reminder to sales people, each time they create a quote, to think carefully about which of these items are pertinent, reducing the frequency of costly omissions.

Advanced Tax

WeEstimate Add-on

The robust tax management built into standard WeEstimate software offers a wealth of features, including annual updates of rates by city, state and zip code, but for some customers, it’s our Advanced Tax module that puts WeSuite’s sales management tools in a league of its own. Use it to define and assign tax rates at the customer level, or on a line-by-line basis at the bill of materials within each estimate, as well as to differentiate between items subject to use tax, retail tax, non-taxable or other categories. Identify customers by category, including non-profits and government, and have the right taxes calculated and applied automatically. We can even keep your tax rate database updated on an on-going basis throughout the year, making sure that any changes at the state or local level are implemented immediately. US and Canadian tax tables are available.

Automated Approvals

WeEstimate Add-on

Put valuable checks and balances into your sales workflow, both pre- and post-sale, with WeSuite’s Automated Approval’s module. Pre-sale, create approval systems – for assignment by individual or by levels of authority – to ensure the right people see and approve quotes before they’re sent to the customer. WeSuite provides tremendous flexibility to define how this happens. For example, require new sales people to obtain a supervisor’s sign-off on all quotes. Give established sales people more autonomy, requiring approval for sales above a certain threshold or outside a window of margin. Create a hierarchy, where quotes must receive secondary approval from executive management under certain conditions. Whatever approval processes have been established as best practices within your organization, our Automated Approvals module within WeEstimate makes sure they happen automatically, correctly and consistently. Then, post-sale, make use of Automated Approvals to ensure that prior to identifying sales projects as “won” and moving them into accounting and operations, all “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your team is set up for smooth sailing, with credit checks completed, executive oversight taken care of, and any other prequisite processes, procedures and documentation addressed.

Commission Management

WeEstimate Add-on

WeSuite’s Commission Management module lets you define your company’s commission structure, based on flexible if/then statements, and displays the calculated payment by project. Adaptable tools let you construct complicated formulas based on multiple variables and split commissions between salespeople. You can also override the automated calculation, as necessary, on certain jobs. Sales people will see their commissions adding up, in real time, as they generate each estimate. For management, a Universal Report Grid keeps you abreast of each job status, alerting you to overages and the need for commission adjustments. In addition, a Commissions Report provides a snap shot of commission earnings for your sales team.

Contract Documents

WeEstimate Add-on

Time is money, and WeSuite’s Contract Documents modules will save you plenty of time by auto-populating your contracts with a wide range of fields, including customer contact information, scope of work, equipment/pricing schedules, and just about any other data that’s been compiled within your WeSuite software. WeSuite makes the contract generation process so turn-key, all you’ll need to do is print or email it to the customer, which – you guessed it – can be done without ever leaving the WeSuite interface.

Engineering Review

WeEstimate Add-on

Your sales team sells projects. Your engineering and operations teams design and install them. Unfortunately, sometimes what’s been “sold” isn’t really the best way to deliver on that projects’ requirements. WeSuite’s Engineering Review module allows non-sales personnel to make adjustments to a project, after it’s been “sold”, without affecting the end-price and how the customer will be invoiced. It empowers your in-house team to proceed in a systematic way with accurate documentation, including an updated Bill of Materials and estimated labor, without raising red flags to the customer. Your engineering and operations teams gain flexibility, your organization runs more efficiently, and your customer gets a system that fulfills expectations and delivers as promised, at the agreed-to price.

Finance Lease

WeEstimate Add-on

Winning a project doesn’t happen just by offering the right solution; you need the right solution at the right price. WeSuite’s Finance Lease module makes it easy to present pricing options that are both palatable to your customer and profitable for your organization. Pre-program your company’s financing formulas into WeEstimate and your sales people can generate quotes, on the fly, that provide payment options best aligned to their customers’ budgets. It also ensures that financing makes sense for your organization. WeSuite automatically calculates a project’s creation multiple – the number of months before your company will break even – based on specific financing terms, so that sales people don’t extend offers that will take too long to be profitable.

Fixed Price Contracts

WeEstimate Add-on

Prepopulated pricing within WeSuite simplifies quoting, but how does it support those customers who quality for procurement pricing that varies from your MSPR? With our Fixed Price Contracts module, WeSuite allows you to keep multiple prices books, like GSA and other negotiated contracts, and assign customers to those contracts. Not only will the correct pricing appear in your estimates, but you’ll only see products and services that are available through the selected contract.

Quote to Contractor

WeEstimate Add-on

WeSuite’s Quote to Contractor module is designed to simplify quoting for integrators who participate in a lot of bids. As a subcontractor, Quote to Contractor allows you to create a single quote for your services but then generate multiple, customized iterations to send out to competing general contractors for inclusion in their proposals. It also provides a convenient means for sharing multiple versions of your quote with various contracting or subcontracting partners, when sharing specific pricing is desired but providing your entire quote is not.

Subscription Sales

WeEstimate Add-on

Unlike monitoring services and other RMR, which are sold at a flat recurring rate, services like device testing and inspection, as well as annual per-camera or device licensing fees, are priced based on quantity. WeSuite’s Subscription Sales module allows you to create custom billing codes for these types of services and fees, drag and drop them into your quote, and display pricing based upon defined payment schedules. This capability is ideal for integrators who perform fire inspections on a routine basis, sell video management systems with renewable camera licenses, and offer new cloud-based solutions, like access control, that include a monthly fee based on the number of employees enrolled in the system.

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