Efficient and accurate quoting with real-time data in one centralized database.

Powerful Estimating to Contract

Flexible, highly scalable sales estimating, proposal and contract automation for sales teams of only a few to hundreds. Single data entry maximizes productivity, reduces errors and increases profitability! Customize proposals with images, tables and graphics to truly stand out. Real-time sales intelligence bridges the gap between sales, finance, operations and support teams. Over twelve powerful Add-on Modules to customize and enhance the configuration for your business.


Single Click Data

Sales data at your fingertips! Filter by region/office, sales person, sales stage, dates, estimated sale/RMR, sold price/RMR, market, gross profit, status, days to close, commisions, splits and overrides.


Extensive + Easy

Starting a new estimate is quick and easy! The database returns existing customer, site, billing, contact information, name your project, select field information and go to the estimate screen.


Unrivaled Features

Name project folders, search on parts, drag/drop to folders and Bill of Materials is created below. Labor on parts, at folder level, on entire job per your labor categories and rates.


Usable Market Data

WeEstimate provides a number of reports reflecting current sales data. The Top 10 reports are popular summaries of items such as: Top 10 Markets, Customers, Sales People, and Manufacturers.

WeEstimate Features & Add-on Options

  • Increase profit margins
  • Contact management
  • Manage labor categories, hours & rates
  • Part & Job level labor hours
  • Automate parts/pricing updates
  • Track sales stages
  • Proposal & Contract documents
  • Recurring Monthly Revenue
  • Recurring Annual Revenue
  • Advanced tax calculations
  • Chargeable items
  • Commission management
  • Test & Inspection quoting
  • Accounting system integration
  • Individual User thresholds
  • Proposal sharing
  • Automated sales engineering
  • Automated sales approvals
  • Lump sum & detailed proposal pricing
  • Parts & RMR only sales
  • Subcontractor pricing management
  • Cost up, GPM or discount from list
  • One time part additions
  • Detailed real-time sales reporting

NEW! Site Survey

Powered by WeEstimate

The WeEstimate Site Survey browser-based Module enables Users to create Site Surveys from an iPad, tablet or laptop with or without creating an Estimate. Site Survey takes full advantage of the Folder Levels available in WeEstimate and includes real-time Parts and Package search on the WeSuite database, PSA Security or integrated accounting platforms. 

Simple to complex System Surveys.

As parts and devices are added to the Survey canvas, the bill of materials for an Estimate builds in the background. When ready, associate a Survey to an Estimate in WeEstimate. All parts import directly! Add notes at plan, part or survey levels. Work as you like, in the field or at the desktop. Import plan images, photos or create sketches yourself.

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